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How does Yoga help relieve the suffering that cancer all too often brings with it? Gentle Yoga poses for cancer patients can work magic on many levels ....


Clearing out Toxins from Cancer Treatment

First of all, Yoga used as therapy for cancer can help clear out toxins accrued during cancer treatment more effectively. Yoga Asanas stimulate not just muscles, but also increases blood flow, balances the glands and enhances the lymphatic flow in the body, all of which enhances the body's internal purification processes. The deep, relaxing breathing often emphasised in Yoga for cancer therapy also increases the current of oxygen-rich blood to the cells, delivering vital nutrients to tired cells and further clearing out toxins.

Reducing Stress and Anxiety in Cancer Patients

In addition to removing toxins, Yoga for cancer can help dissipate tension and anxiety and enable cancer patients to settle into a greater sense of ease and well-being.  Stress depresses the body's natural immune function, which may be one of the reasons that there is evidence that people who practice Yoga for cancer have greater recovery rates.

Yoga as Exercise for Cancer Patients

Regular exercise has also been shown to stimulate the body's natural anti-cancer defences. However, few cancer patients or cancer survivors feel up to the task of engaging in a 'regular' exercise regimen. Many find that Yoga as therapy for cancer provides an ideal, balanced form of whole-body exercise. It's no wonder that more and more doctors have begun to recommend Yoga as exercise for cancer patients and cancer survivors.

Yoga as Holistic Healing for Cancer Patients

For those enduring chemotherapy and radiation, Yoga for cancer provides a means to strengthen the body, boost the immune system, and produce a much sought after feeling of well-being. For those recovering from surgery, such as that for breast cancer, Yoga can help restore motion and flexibility in a gentle, balanced manner.

Yoga for cancer survivors and patients also provides an internal anchor of calm. Many practising Yoga therapy have discovered an interesting, subtle benefit, an increased awareness of a great internal stillness and a sense of unity. They've found, at the most fundamental level of their own consciousness, a sense of true health and vitality that spills over into other aspects of life.

Yoga for Cancer



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